pqNTRUSign paper finally got accepted...

pqNTRUSign is a lattice based, same-key aggregatable signature scheme. After three years of revision, during which period, the scheme has been submitted to, and rejected by, NIST PQC standardization process, the pqNTRUSign paper is finally accepted for publication by Design, Codes and Cryptography. In this paper, we finally come up with a proof for the existential unforgeablity of the signature, based on the short integer solution (SIS) problems over certain structured lattices.
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The middle-product learning with rounding problem.

My paper with Shi Bai, Katharina Boudgoust, Dipayan Das, Adeline Roux-Langlois and Weiqiang Wen, Middle-Product Learning with Rounding Problem and its Applications, was accepted by Asiacript 2019! Here is the manuscript.
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