• Optimizing Bandersnatch's ZKP performance

    Happy to announce that with my recent optimizations, Bandersnatch’s scalar multiplication circuit is reduced to 2600 constraints from 3100 constraints, resulting a 17% improvement over the Jubjub curve.
  • Introducing the Falcon-r1cs

    I recently worked on a rust wrapper of the reference implementation for Falcon signature scheme. Also a rank-1 constraint system (R1CS) implementation of Falcon which shows falcon’s signature can be verified with some 80k r1cs constraints. The main ingredient is an almost linear time NTT based multiplication circuit that performs... [Read More]
  • Introducing the Bandersnatch curve

    The Bandersnatch curve was discovered by Simon Masson from Anoma and Antonio Sanso from Ethereum Foundation. I have implemented this curve with rust. The group operation is 40% faster than the Jubjub curve. See here for a short report on this curve.
  • Leaving Manta

    For personal reasons, I will be leaving Manta network. My last day at Manta will be 07/16/2021.