Algorand open sources its Pointproofs library

Algorand recently open sourced it Pointproofs library, a cryptographic tool, written Rust, that enables high performance, cross-commitment, proof aggregations. The paper is to be presented at ACM CCS 2020 this year. Expecting to see numerous applications such as self-validated transactions, stateful smart contracts, etc. See this blog for more details.

pqNTRUSign paper finally got accepted...

pqNTRUSign is a lattice based, same-key aggregatable signature scheme. After three years of revision, during which period, the scheme has been submitted to, and rejected by, NIST PQC standardization process, the pqNTRUSign paper is finally accepted for publication by Design, Codes and Cryptography. In this paper, we finally come up with a proof for the existential unforgeablity of the signature, based on the short integer solution (SIS) problems over certain structured lattices.
Tags: paper